SALON/ has over 10 years of experience in dynamic cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral meetings in places such as Istanbul, Beijing, Cape Town, Aruba, Buenos Aires, Paris and in De Pijp in Amsterdam.

SALON/ acts as a platform for talents from the fields of fashion, design, art and culture. Using a physical route through a city, SALON/ showcases its passion for interdisciplinary collaborations aiming to stimulate the interaction between designer, public and location.

SALON/ is an initiative that creates a crossover experience, in order to inspire and instigate a discussion and dialogue between art, design and fashion. SALON/ initiates an offline and an online platform to endorse artists and designers in order to generate reflection.

SALON/ events take place over a number of days whereby visitors can experience the creative works of both well-known and emerging artists/designers in different contexts, thus creating a dynamic, interactive and social event.
SALON/ was founded by Gijs Stork, Manon Schaap and Cathal McKee.